[Project] Support “CNBLUE Music Makes Me High” Fund-raising @ Indonesia

Dukung CNBLUE 1st anniversary dengan berpartisipasi dalam project “The way Bluelove” dan atau membeli “CNBLUE Makes Me High” T-shirt. Ini adalah project kedua untuk penggalangan dana Charity Project “The Way Bluelove” karena baru sedikit yang menyumbang, Kita harus mencapai goal $2.850 US Dolar sebelum bulan Januari.

Keuntungan project ini akan disumbangkan untuk “The way Bluelove”. Desain di bawah ini telah dipilih dari beberapa desain yang telah masuk dan telah beberapa kali editing. Mudah-mudahan, kalian suka desainnya.

# T-shirt
Bagian depan (front) :
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[Info] One b[v]oice the 1st gathering in Surabaya


Dalam rangka merayakan CNBLUE 1st anniversary, kita BOICE Indonesia akan mengadakan CNBLUE 1st Mini Gathering di Surabaya :

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[Info] One b[v]oice the 1st gathering in Indonesia


Dalam rangka merayakan CNBLUE 1st anniversary, kita BOICE Indonesia akan mengadakan acara gathering sebagai berikut :

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[Engsubbed] “Bakery Attack” an omnibus of “Acoustic” movie is subbed now!

Due to the North Korean attack to Yeonpyeong Island in South Korea on Tuesday, we delayed this update to respect the victims of the attack. May their souls rest in peace.


EXCLUSIVELY dedicated to all BOICE around the world. Codenamesubs proudly present you the subbed videos of “Acoustic : Bakery Attack” starring Lee Jonghyun and Kang Minhyuk of CNBLUE.

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[TRANS|Excerpt] Member Introduction – Ray Magazine Jan 2011 edition

Jung Yonghwa

Hobby: Music
Specialty: clarinet, beat box
Fave clothing brand: TOPSHOP
Type of girl: honest and supportive
If you’re animal, you’d be a: dog (because he’s active)
Personality: honest

Lee Jonghyun

Hobby: music, sport
Speciality: Judo
Fave clothing brand: Adidas (coz he’s always in training suit)
Type of girl: A girl who’s always full of smile when we’re together. My ideal woman is Takeuchi Yuko from the movie “Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu / Be With You”
If you’re animal, you’d be a: kitten
Personality: Manly, hard working

Kang Minhyuk

Hobby: Soccer, basketball
Speciality: flute
Fave clothing brand: Bottega Veneta
Type of girl: A comfortable friend type of girl
If you’re animal, you’d be a: Rabbit (it’s his face animal)
Personality: Shy and a bit introvert

Lee Jungshin

Hobby: music
Speciality: Rap
Fave clothing brand: Junya Watanabe, Comme des Garcons (coz it has a lot of B&W clothes)
Type of girl: a warm-hearted girl
If you’re animal, you’d be a: frog (coz of his big eyes)
Personality: bright and friendly (easy to get close to)

source: yurerukaze blog
trans: blue_jus7 @ BOICEindo

Yonghwa, HyunJoong, JaeJoong : Posibles Protagonistas for “2011 Cinderella”

CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa, Kim HyunJoong, and JYJ’s JaeJoong are Korean TV’s current TV darlings, raking in ratings for their respective shows Mischievous Kiss and We Got Married. As soon as now though, they seem to be looking forward to a new drama gig.

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[NEWS] SeoHyun attempted skinship on Yonghwa

SNSD Seohyun attempted skinship on his ‘make believe’ husband CNBLUE Yonghwa.

In this upcoming Nov 20th MBC ‘We Got Married’ (WGM) the 2nd part of Yongseo couple Japanese trip will be aired.

In the previous episode, the student like couple were enjoying their trip together and visited a traditional Japanese inn (Ryokan) in the evening.

To remember their last day, the couple took a walk and wife Hyun attempted skinship on Yong husband for the first time.

Furthermore, Yong husband baffled expression made the whole WGM cast cheered loudly.

Watch the skinship episode that made Jung Yonghwa excited on WGM Nov 20th tonight.
source: My Star News
trans: blue_jus7